What Makes Men Fall in Love?

What Makes Men Fall in Love?

Falling in love is the best feeling one can have in one’s whole life. However, knowing that the person whom he loves also has the same feeling provides validation. This validation is quite necessary, otherwise, it will make a one-sided affair.

But, do all men fall in love the same way? Do they have the same mindset?

No, they don’t fall in love the same way. Men can have differences in personalities, priorities, likes, dislikes and other things. These factors largely influence their decision, also the person they like.

Then you might be thinking, what makes men fall in love, then? Well for that purpose, let’s go ahead with this blog!

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How Do Men Fall in Love?

How men fall in love differs from person to person. However, generally, first men notice the person and then get attracted to her if they find her to be appealing to them.

The things that men notice differ, some fall in love just by the physical look of the woman, whereas, there are men who get attracted to the intelligence of a woman. 

After the attraction, most of the men are courageous enough to approach the woman for a talk. However, there are some who couldn’t initiate the conversation. Once they introduce themselves to each other, the next step would be to meet in person or have a phone chat.

When these things go well, the story moves further and a connection develops, which eventually leads to men falling in love. But in some cases, it may lead to just a casual relationship. It totally depends on both people. 

What Behaviour Makes a Man Fall in Love?

Generally, men have different choices. Some like soft-spoken girls, whereas others love outspoken girls. Some like women in traditional attire whereas others like them in western dresses. Likewise, there are a lot of things that a man can notice.

As far as a girl’s behaviour is concerned, who wouldn’t notice a well-mannered girl! Any man can fall for a kind-hearted girl, who is sensible, honest, humble, etc. But when it comes to love, nobody knows how it happens.

There can be any reason for a man to get attracted to you and eventually, it may develop into love, if everything remains favourable.

Signs a Man is Falling in Love

When a man fall in love there are some general signs that one can notice in his body language. Some signs are directly visible through his action, however, some signs are to be noticed very keenly. 

When a man fall in love, they show noticeable signs in their behaviour and overall personality. 

When the person whom a man likes is around him, he will feel good, and eventually, his brain will release serotonin which impacts his behaviour and perspective. So you can easily notice those changes in his behaviour.

There are some common signs mentioned below that you can notice in his behaviour.

Signs a man is falling in love:

He is honest with you: When a man falls in love with you, the first thing you notice is that he becomes honest with you. Also, he wants to share everything and states everything honestly.

He compliments you: Giving compliments is another sign of a man falling in love with you. Men love to express their feelings and at the same time, they want to make you feel special. 

He shows a mix of intelligence and humour: When a man gets attracted towards you, he wants to grab your attention. In order to do that, he may use his intelligence or humour to impress you or sometimes a mixture of both.

He changes his looks: If you notice keenly, you’d find that the person who has been constantly dying for attention changes his looks often. He wants to look the best in front of you. Therefore, he’d try every possible way to appear attractive.

He wants to spend time with you: When men fall in love, they want to spend quality time with the girl. They love her company and wish to hear her all day. If you notice the same thing in a person, it is possible that he loves you.

You become his priority: If you study with him or work with him, you may notice that he gives you priority over others. He responds quickly to your messages, is ready to do anything for you and is always available for you.

He makes you feel protected: The best thing about men is that when they fall in love they make you feel protected. They will not let anyone stare at you or intimidate you. Furthermore, they will try the best possible way to make you feel comfortable.

He discusses and sees a future with you: Men love to talk, like the way girls do. They discuss things related to the future and want to listen to your talk.


Well, there are a lot of things that make men fall in love. However, these things differ from person to person. If you want to really know about this then you should keenly observe the person. You should observe changes in his body language and the other signs. Also, you’d notice behavioural changes towards you. 

Apart from that, instead of creating your own assumptions, you should talk to him directly, if you think he has feelings for you.

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