How To Know If A Guy Likes You (Romantically)? 

How To Know If A Guy Likes You (Romantically)?

How to know if a guy likes you? If you have a crush and wonder if he feels the same about you, then you’ve come to the right place. Having a crush is exciting, you may often find yourself getting butterflies when you are around him.

When you decide to tell someone you love them, you often find yourself unsure. This is mainly because you fear rejection. Nevertheless, confessing feelings is important. It helps in expressing yourself. 

When someone likes you, they often show subtle signs. However, when it comes to confessing your feelings, you want to be sure of a positive response. Hence, it is important to understand that everyone expresses their feelings differently. These signs may not apply to everyone. Nevertheless, here is how to know if a guy likes you:

Compliments You

When a guy likes you, he often compliments you. It could be simple like complimenting your outfit, your hair, or your smell. When someone likes you, they are going to notice you better, and if they compliment you it may be a sign. 

A guy does not often compliment people. Hence, if a guy compliments you, you must be special. However, it is not a determining factor. 

Roasts You

Contrary to the previous point, some guys like teasing you. This is more common if they are your best friend. As mentioned above, everyone has different ways of showing love. Some like to hide their feelings and enjoy teasing you or even annoying you.

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Remembers details about you

If a guy remembers small details about you, things that you may have casually mentioned, or you shared on social media. It shows that he cares about you.

Often people tend to forget small details. Hence, if someone remembers small details, it may be a sign that he likes you.

Sets His Hair Often

When a guy sets his hair often, it means that he often wishes to look presentable. If he often sets his hair around you, or before he is going to meet you he may like you back. However, sometimes guys often set their hair because of habit and not necessarily because they like you.

They often want to spend time with you

This is one of the most obvious signs. When someone likes you, they often find excuses to spend time with you. They always make an effort to be around you.

It shows that they like spending time with you, and that they enjoy your company. Moreover, it helps him to learn more about what your likes and dislikes are. 

Replies To Your Texts Quickly

If your crush is always responding to your messages quickly, it shows that he has been waiting for you to message. When someone has a crush, they often wish to have their attention. Hence, if he replies quickly it’s mostly because he wants a chance to have a conversation with you.

Makes a lot of jokes

If he often cracks jokes around you,this is one of the signs he likes you. This shows he wishes to see you smile. Moreover, he wants you to think positively about him.

Nevertheless, there are people who genuinely have great humour and enjoy making people laugh. Example – class clowns, comedians etc.

He takes interests in your hobbies

If a guy often takes interest in your hobbies, it shows that he wishes to know more about you. He takes an interest in what you like. For example, if you tell him you like cats. Even though he may not like cats, he will send you cat videos, or memes.

Frequent Eye Contact

Frequent eye contact is a great way to answer the most frequently asked question. This is because, when someone likes you, they often make eye contact. 

They do this so they can have your undivided attention, and also because it’s natural for them. When someone truly likes you, they often try to hide their feelings. However, if someone makes eye contact often it is an indication that they may like you.

He gets jealous

When a guy gets jealous, it’s an obvious sign that he likes you. This is because when you like someone, you don’t like people getting too close to them. Moreover, when you like someone, you wish to have all their time and attention and often don’t want others to steal them from you. 

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Asks you for your opinion

When a guy asks for your opinion, he wants to know what you think. This may be a sign. For example- before buying a shirt, he clicks a picture and sends it to you. He does this to know your opinion. 

Moreover, he wants to know if you think he looks good in the shirt. These are some ways of figuring out if someone likes you.


How to know if a guy likes you? Guys don’t often express their feelings. However, there are subtle signs that he may like you. It can be tricky to understand these signs. Nevertheless, feelings don’t stay hidden for long, and you can often feel a spark or energy around him.

When a guy likes someone he may not necessarily tell anyone, but he is likely to talk about you to his friends. 

Knowing if a guy likes you may be confusing. This is because some of these signs such as roasting, or making jokes may not be a determining indicator that he likes you. Hence, you need to read the signs carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

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