Things That Lead To Communication Barriers In Relationships

Things That Lead To Communication Barriers In Relationships

Communication is extremely essential in a relationship. However, many times there are communication barriers that arise in a relationship that create misunderstandings, fights, arguments, etc.

Hence, it is important to understand the 5 barriers of communication in a relationship. This helps to overcome the communication barriers. 

A lack of communication can drift two people apart. Hence, it is important that partner communicate among themselves in order to overcome misunderstandings.

Types Of Barriers Of Communication

There are 5 barriers of communication, and they are:

Emotions (mood)

Emotions play a big role in the way we communicate. When someone is angry, they tend to say things they may not mean. Similarly, if someone is low, they try to shut themselves and push people away.

This can be a huge barrier as one must remain calm in order to properly communicate their feelings, thoughts or opinion. Hence, some manipulative people use this to their advantage. They purposely make people angry, and  make them lose their calm in order to win an argument, or gaslight people.

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Upbringing has a direct impact on someone’s behaviour, mindset, and beliefs. Hence, many times a communication barrier arises between people. The differences occur because every parent has their own way of parenting, and upbringing their children.

Some parents may have been strict with their children, while others may have been lenient. While some may have put a lot of pressure on their kids, others may have allowed their children to make their own decisions.

Some people are raised to believe that men shouldn’t share their emotions, and this also creates another barrier. Some men think it makes them weak to share their feelings, or cry and it often makes them angry.

Hence, people who have different upbringing often have different views and opinions. 

Expectations (Assumptions)

Another barrier of communication is having expectations. It is natural to have expectations. However, often people don’t communicate these expectations. Hence, there is an importance of telling your partner your expectations. 

When you know what your partner expects from you, you can help and provide them with it. 

People have different needs and wants that need to be fulfilled, and communicating these can help you overcome this barrier.


Misinterpretation of messages is another communication barrier that can create misunderstanding between people. It happens when someone shares anything but may have given half information. Another possibility is that the person misunderstood the message.

Moreover, some people also jump to conclusions. This is a communication gap and can easily be solved by clear communication and proper listening.

Lack Of Understanding

People are entitled to their opinion, and sometimes they don’t understand the other person’s point of view. However, it is important to listen to both sides of the story. Moreover, it is important to understand that everyone has their own views, and thoughts.

However, it is not only about opinions but also about feelings. Different people may feel differently about certain situations. For example- while one thinks driving at a high speed is thrilling, another individual may be scared of high speed. 

These were the types of communication barriers. Furthermore, let’s take a look at  how qw can resolve these types of barriers of communication. 

How Can We Overcome Barriers Of Communication

Overcoming emotional Barriers

If someone is angry, give them the space to cool down rather than adding fuel to their anger. Secondly, if someone is upset, don’t force them to communicate. Rather, make them feel comfortable, tell them that you will calmly listen to what they have to say. 

Additionally, if they say anything that you may not agree with, remain calm and try to understand them instead of arguing with them. If you argue with them, they are more likely to push you away.

Overcoming Upbringing Barriers

Everyone has a different upbringing, thoughts, opinions and beliefs.Hence, this can be overcomed easily. All you need to do is push yourself to have uncomfortable conversations. Remain calm, listen to both sides of the story, and understand each other’s perspective.

When you try to understand each other’s point of view, also remember that they come from different beliefs. Once you both have shared your sides, try to find a common ground that you agree on. In case you don’t find it, end the conversation in a light manner.

Remember that you don’t always have to agree with people’s thoughts and beliefs and that’s okay.

Overcoming The Expectations Barriers

One must understand that their partner aren’t magicians, they can’t always read your mind. Hence, all you simply have to do is tell them what they want.

On the other hand, if your partner communicates their needs and wants with you, try and listen to them carefully. 

Overcoming The Misinterpretations Barrier

Sometimes, people jump into conclusion, or misinterpret what was trying to be said. Hence, it does cause miscommunication between people. Moreover, some people often do not provide the whole context which can again cause misunderstandings. 

The simple way to overcome this is clear communication, talk about everything in detail. Furthermore, if someone is talking to you, you have to listen carefully.

Overcoming The Lack Of Understanding Barrier

In order to overcome this barrier, one must be open to other’s views. It is important to be open to other perspectives. It is similar to the upbringing barrier that is mentioned above. A person requires understanding and openness to others’ opinions.

Similarly, sometimes feelings are misunderstood. Hence, it is important that even if you may not understand a person, you must be open to their views and thoughts. 

These were some of the 5 communication barriers. However, let’s move forward and take a look at the common things you need to overcome these barriers.

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The Common Things That You Need To Overcome These Communication Barriers:

  • Understanding
  • Remaining Calm
  • Listening Carefully
  • Openness To Other Perspective

There are mainly 5 communication barriers. These barriers cause misunderstandings, fights, and arguments. Hence, it is essential to understand how to overcome barriers of communication. It helps us to be more understanding of other’s opinions, and helps strengthen the bond between two people.

Overcoming barriers of communication will help to strengthen the relationship as it provides stability, and reliability. When feelings are communicated partners are more open towards each other. Moreover, it also helps to build trust and understand one another.

Hence, despite several differences, couples that communicate with each other are more likely to have a long lasting relationship.

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