Fun Birthday Games For Children (Indoor & Outdoor)

Fun Birthday Games For Children (Indoor & Outdoor)

If you are organising a birthday games for your child’s birthday, don’t forget to include fun birthday games! Organising a birthday party for kids can be challenging, a lot of kids can create chaos. However, with birthday games you can keep them engaged!

These are some fun indoor party games that children love.

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Indoor Party Games

Birthday games are a great way to keep children entertained during the celebration. Moreover, your child will have an amazing day playing fun games with their friends!

Indoor party games then here are some games you could try out:

Musical Chairs

It is one of the most famous birthday games!

For this you must arrange the chairs in the straight line facing opposite directions. Have one chair less than the number of participants, for example if there are 7 kids there should be 6 chairs.

Play some music and ask the children to circle around the chairs. Instruct them to sit as soon as the music stops, and when one child remains, he is out of the game. Nevertheless, don’t forget to remove a chair after one player is out.

Passing The Parcel

A fun game for children could be passing the parcel! Get all the participants to sit in a circle, and give them an item to pass on(such as a teddy bear). Play music and ask the children to pass it to the next person. 

When music stops, the person who is holding the item will be eliminated. In case, the item is falls on the floor, the last person to hold it will be out. 

This is a fun birthday game that kids (2 or more) can play at any time. It is exciting as you don’t know who may be the next. Kids enjoy this game a lot!

London Statue 

This is one of the famous children’s party games to include! For playing this game, anyone could be the denner of the game. The denner must say the London statue, and all the kids must freeze in a place, they may be dancing, sitting, jumping etc. Furthermore, the denner will attempt to make the children laugh, and anyone who moves is eliminated. 


Purchase a twister, it will include a mat, & spinner. The spinner consists of colours, and tells which leg or arm to place. The kids get on the mat, while an adult spins for them. They need to keep their balance and the last one to keep standing wins!

Lemon & Spoon 

Lemon & Spoon race is a simple game that is fun to play! Get a bowl of lemons and some spoons. Give one spoon to each player and ask them to balance the lemon on the spoon. Now, mark a start and a finish line. The child that reaches the finish line first without dropping the lemon from the spoon wins the game!

It is one of the classic birthday games you can add to your game list! It is something that will help the children play with focus!

Musical Statue

Play some music, and ask the children to show off their best moves! Once everyone is in the groove, stop the music. Once the music is stopped, the children have to stay still. Anyone who moves, laughs, or falls is eliminated.

Red Light Green Light

There will be a denner who will have their eyes closed. Furthermore, all other children will stand at a disHence, if the first group is successfully able to guess the word, they get a point. The team with the most points will win!tance from the instructor, and the denner will say red light or green light.

When he says green light, the participants must run toward the child and he quickly turns around while saying red light. 

If the participants keep moving, they are out. Additionally, the game will be completed when a participant gets right behind the denner and touches his back, the kids start to run around while the denner tries to catch them.

It will be a plus if your child likes squid games, you should definitely add this to your list of birthday games! 

Pin The Tail (Donkey)

In this game, print out a picture of a donkey or a horse. Blindfold a child and ask them to place a pin at the donkey’s tail. The child who either accurately places it or is the closest wins!

However, if the children are too young, instead of handing them pins, ask them to make a dot with the help of a marker. It will be safer for younger kids.

Guess The Drawing

Divide the children into two groups, the first group will provide a word to someone from the second group. Furthermore, the members of the first team have to draw the word on a white board and help their team members guess the word correctly.

Hence, if the first group is successfully able to guess the word, they get a point. The team with the most points will win!

Feed the cow

It is a great idea for kids! Get a cardboard piece and cut a circle out of it. Now draw a pair of eyes above the hole making it look like a face. Hang the board at a distance from the kids and give each kid 3 balls. Once it is done, ask the kids to aim the ball in the hole.

The child who gets the most number of accurate shots wins! It is a great game that will be fun and engaging!

Outdoor Party Games

If you are planning your child’s birthday at the park, or wish to utilise your backyard to play. Here are some fun outdoor children’s party games that you could try out:

Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is a classic fun game that is enjoyed by children of all ages! In this game, there is an denner who counts for a minimum of 30 seconds. Within 30 seconds all the participants must hide, and the denner must seek them or find them. 

The first person to be caught will be the denner in the next round! This game can continue for as long as the children enjoy playing.

Tug Of War

Tug of war is a fun game! Draw a line and make two teams consisting of equal participants. Now provide them with a rope or a long cloth and ask them to pull it towards their side. The team that pulls the other team across the line wins. 

Sack Race

Purchase some jute sacks depending on the number of guests. Ask them to stand in it and hold it to their waistline. Secondly, draw a start and a finish line and ask them to race while hopping on it. The person who reaches the finish line first wins!

However, this game is not recommended for children below the age of 5 since they may get injured.


It is a great game for young kids. You could purchase bubble blowers. However, you can even make these at home. Get some dishwashing liquid, and add water to it. Once you have done this, mix it. 

Further, get some straws and ask them to mix the liquid with their straws. Nevertheless, ensure that no one accidentally drinks the liquid.

Treasure Hunt

Provide kids with some fun adventure by playing treasure hunt! Hide candies and ask them to work as a team in order to find the treasure. Moreover, provide them with simple hints that will lead them to the treasure.

Don’t Drop The Balloon 

Blow a balloon, and ask the children to create a wide circle. Now, one kid must pass the balloon to another. However, they are not allowed to touch the balloon more than once. If anyone drops the balloon, they get out of the round.


Ask the kids to sit in a straight line. However, they need to sit in an alternative manner. For example if one child is facing north, the kid beside him should be facing south. Now, player 1 will tag player 2 and they run around the straight line. The second player will try to touch another child in the line and if he successfully does so the player he touched will have to run and so on. 

This game will continue to go on as long as the kids wish! Hence, it is a great idea if you wish to keep them busy for a while.


It is an underrated yet very fun game. Ask the kids to stand in a wide circle. 

Now, one person will start the game by placing their feet next to someone else’s.

(They must keep their feet touched to each other and it isn’t necessary that they tap the person beside them. They can do it to anyone in the circle)

Now if the player 2 is touched on his left foot, he must tap his left foot to someone else’s. However, if he touches someone with the right foot (one who was not tapped by player 1) he is eliminated. 

When this game keeps going on, kids will be entangled and it will be a fun challenge to keep their balance. The person who loses balance is out. 

Lastly, whoever is still standing till the last will win the game.

Mr Fox

The denner will be the fox while the other children will ask “Mr. Fox what is the time?”. If Mr fox says 5:30 the kids have to take 5 steps ahead. However, if Mr. Fox says “Lunch Time” or “Dinner Time” the kids must run, and the fox must catch him. Whoever is caught first will be the fox in the next round.


Blindfold is a simple and fun game. All you is require is a blind fold. Select someone who will den and blindfold them. Spin them around 3 times and ask them to catch the rest of the participants! The one who is caught first is eliminated, and tis the denner in the next wrong.

It’s an awesome challenge and adds a great twist to the traditional catch and catch! 

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Planning fun birthday games may be challenging. Keeping kids engaged is no child’s play. Hence, preparing some fun outdoor and indoor games for them can help to keep them engaged. This will give opportunities for kids to interact, socialise and enjoy with one another.

Moreover, planning the games will help you make your child’s birthday special and memorable. It doesn’t matter where you host your party, what matters is how much fun everyone has! So make this birthday a special one!

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