Who Is Your True Friend?

Who Is Your True Friend?

We make a lot of friends in our life, but our search for a true friend never ends. During childhood, the meaning of true friendship was quite different from what it was in our teenage years. When we become an adult the meaning again changes and it keeps changing till the end of our life.

However, you should keep one thing in mind, there are some intrinsic features that friends should have. If any of the below-mentioned qualities are missing in your friend then consider him your only friend, not the best one.

But, before judging who is your true friend and who isn’t, let’s know the definition of true friendship first.

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What Is A True Friend?

Generally, a true friend is one who is trustworthy, honest, loyal, supportive and always there to stand by you through thick and thin. Furthermore, a true friend always keeps his friend’s needs over his and never backbites or judges him.

Now, the meaning of a true friend is clear to us, let’s move forward and learn the 7 signs of a true friend. You can use these signs as a yardstick to judge whether you have a true friend or not.

7 Signs Of A True Friend


Trust is the foundation of friendship. When two people meet for the first time, they don’t even know each other. As time passes, a sense of trust develops hence, they come closer and become friends.

When the level of trust increases to a whole new level where there is no space for misunderstanding, then they become true friends.


Honesty is a quality that every person should possess. When it comes to friendship, every person should have friends who remain honest at least with him.  While looking for a true friend, you should ensure he is honest. If he seldom tells lies and remains honest with you, it is a sign that you both could be true friends.  


When it comes to relationships or friendships, loyalty is of utmost importance. If your friend is not loyal to you, then better if you live alone.

When you know your friends are loyal to you, you feel comfortable. Loyalty brings a sense of trust in friendship.


Empathy means understanding someone’s feelings, mood, emotions and pain. If your friend understands you, your feelings and your mood without saying anything to them, that means he deserves your true friendship.

It is not easy for everyone to understand and feel others’ emotions and pain, but someone who does this deserves respect, love and support. 


A supportive friend is like a boon given by god. When you are feeling down, you look up to your family and friends, and if you have a friend who is supportive and stands by you, your problems vanish.

Doesn’t matter whether your friend has the capabilities of resolving your problems, but if he is supportive, it is enough. His support will help you gain confidence and face the problem or the circumstances bravely.


A selfish man can’t be a good friend. However, a person who keeps his friends’ needs above his own needs is a gem. You may have a friend who gives you priority above others and remains selfless, he is your true buddy.


In our society, we are judged since our childhood and we also do the same with others. But in friendship, one can feel a complete absence of it. However, if you have a friend who judges you on the basis of your social status, caste, colour or religion then he can’t be your true friend. 

A true friend never judges you and accepts you the way you are with them.


Having true friends is a kind of privilege that is enjoyed by very few. You don’t know who is your true friend or who isn’t because there is no proper way to find out. However, one should look for a set of features in a friend and figure out the same.

The 7 signs of a true friend discussed above are for your help and also you can add your own features that you wish to see in him so that he qualifies for it.

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