Fun Birthday Party Ideas (For Kids & Adults)

Fun Birthday Party Ideas (For Kids & Adults)

If your birthday is around the corner and you are looking for some fun birthday party ideas, we have you covered! 

Who doesn’t enjoy birthdays? You get to have a lot of cake, and receive presents. We all know that birthdays are special. It is a day that celebrates the anniversary of your birth. Hence, here are some fun birthday plans for you to try out!

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Birthday Celebration Ideas For Kids

Children love celebrating birthdays! So let’s look at some birthday celebration ideas for them!

Themed Birthday Fun

Find out what character your child likes. Example- star wars, space, princess etc. Decorate your home accordingly. Add posters, balloons, and a birthday cake to go with the theme. Additionally, you can get them an outfit that matches the theme.

Suppose your daughter loves princesses, then you can get her a beautiful frock and a cake with the image of disney princesses. Furthermore, you can even get her a crown, and a wand. 

This will make your child feel extremely special! And don’t forget to take a lot of pictures!

Plan A Sleepover

Invite your child’s friends to a sleepover the night before their birthday and let them enjoy a movie night, good food, and talk amongst themselves to make some fun memories.

Furthermore, the next day you can plan some fun activities like musical chairs, hide & seek etc!


Arcades also have several games that children can enjoy! An arcade, it will be a small space making it easy for you to check over everyone. They have a lot of different games such as claw machines, bowling etc.

Children can also win rewards! Moreover, there are a lot of engaging games that kids would extremely enjoy! 

A Magic Show

You can either book a magician to come to your place, or you could take the kids for a show nearby. Children adore magic. Moreover, it will keep them engaged! To add to the fun, you can hire a face painter, children would really enjoy it!

Bounce House

You can rent a bounce house for your children and set it up in your backyard! Additionally, you can set up some tables and chairs and add some balloons to decorate the backyard. 

These are some fun and birthday party ideas you can opt for on your child’s birthday! Now let’s take a look at some birthday celebration ideas for teenagers!

Fun Celebration Ideas For Teenagers

If you are looking for some birthday fun for your teenager daughter or son, here are some ideas they would love!

Amusement Park

Everyone loves the amusement park. Many venues provide party offers you can check out. They can have a fun day with amazing rides, cotton candies, and some good food.

Amusement parks will provide them a good outing and your child will enjoy a fun day out with their friends!

Pool Party

If you have a pool, host an amazing pool party for your child! Arrange non alcoholic beverages such as virgin mojito, juice, water melons etc! Furthermore, order some pizzas and watch them enjoy themselves!

If you do not own a pool, go to a nearby beach and pack some awesome food for everyone to enjoy. You can end the day with a good bonfire under the stars!

Swimming and chilling in the pool would be an awesome birthday celebration for your teeanger! 

Paintball Or Escape Room

Teenagers love to have fun! Hence, paintball will be a great idea for them. This is an activity they will surely enjoy! And after a good game, you can take them to a food joint to have their favourite food.

Book A Venue

Book a small venue! Doing this will help you take the load off catering, and decoration. Additionally, this can help you enjoy your child’s party, and be in the moment with them.

Invite all your close family and friends, and also include a DJ for everyone to enjoy dancing to good music! 

Throw A Surprise Party!

Who doesn’t love surprises! Include the birthday boys friends in the plan! Ask everyone to give a reason they can’t come, but let one friend offer to take them out and come for a stayover.

While the birthday boy is out, bring in all the guests, decorate the house, get the cake and surprise him once he is back! This will make him feel extremely special!

Unique Ideas Birthday Plans!

If you are looking for something fun plan that is different from all the things you have tried,

these are a few unique birthday fun plans that everyone can enjoy

  1. Get A Prank Cake

Get them a prank cake, this can include an icing layer on top of a round utensil. This will make everyone have a great laugh! However, don’t forget to keep a real cake on the side because birthdays are incomplete without them!

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Hide all the presents and give the birthday boy clues to find them! Make sure that they aren’t extremely easy! It will be a unique way to celebrate.

  1. Create a video collage 

Ask all mutual friends, and family members to record a video and wish them in a special way! This would be a great way to include distant friends and relatives!  Additionally, you can project it using a projector for everyone to enjoy the wholesome moment. The birthday boy/girl will definitely love this idea!

Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Adults!

Be it children, teenagers or adults. Everyone enjoys celebrating their birthdays! Birthdays are special and hence here are some birthday party ideas for adults.

Throw A Themed Party

Throw your friends a themed party. While the theme party may look like a children’s birthday idea, you can make it unique!

Try out unique themes such as

  1. Dress Up As The Birthday Boy/Girl

If your friend has a lot of different styles, this can be a unique idea to dress up according to their different fashion sense. You can also make the birthday boy/girl choose the one who is most accurate!

  1. Wear a t-shirt that has a printed phrase the birthday boy/girl says the most

Get custom printed t-shirts with your friend’s face at the front, and a common phrase they say often at the back! This will be fun and give everyone a good laugh!

Moreover, this will make the birthday person feel special. It will make them feel like their friends know them really well.

  1. Dress Up As Food

If your friend is a foodie, you can try renting some food outfits such as a pizza slice, a burger etc. This will be a really funny prank, and you can take several pictures to save this fun memory!

Book A Resort

Book a resort, invite your close friends and get some alcohol! Enjoy playing games such as truth on dare, beer pong etc! You can even get some speakers and enjoy dancing together! It will be a fun night to remember!


If you aren’t much of a party person, then you can gather at a good restaurant. Invite your close family and friends for a nice brunch and enjoy good conversations with them!

House Party

Invite your friends to your home, and play some fun games like charades. Additionally, You can have a theme if you would enjoy it, order in some food and have a good time with everyone! 

Movie Night

If you are a cinephile, host a movie night with your friends! Build a cosy fort, get some wine/beer and enjoy a movie night with your friends! Moreover, if you like a specific genre or an era you can download some movies and watch them together!


Make some fun birthday plans to enjoy your special day! If you are looking for some birthday party ideas to celebrate your children’s, or your special day, try out these amazing birthday plans mentioned above. Moreover, there are several different things that you can try out to make your birthday special.

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