7 Games to Play on Weekend With Friends

Games to Play


If you are looking for games to play with friends, then you are at the right place. This blog discusses 7 fun games to play with friends to kill boredom and have fun. 

When our friends are around, we are happy and enjoy the moment. The same thing goes with the games, when we play games we have fun and a great time. Now think your friends are around and you play some amazing games together; isn’t it a fantastic combination?

Well, there are a number of games which one can play with friends, some are simple games and others need a gaming setup to play. In this blog, we will only talk about simple games. 

Games to Play Online

If you want to play free online games with friends, you and your friends need a smartphone, a working internet connection and enough space in phones to install games. Once you have these, you are good to go. Now, let’s start with the list of 7 fun games to play online with your friends:

Online Ludo or Chess

Ludo and Chess are classic games enjoyed by people of all ages. During the lockdown, they became a rescuer and provider of fun and entertainment. 

These games are easy to play, consume less internet and can be played with 3-4 friends; ludo can be played with up to 6 persons. 

For playing online Ludo, you and your friends need to install the same Ludo game app from the play store or apple app store. Once you all are done with it, create your profile and get ready to play. You can also play it in guest mode.

Create a game room, invite your friends using the game link, and wait for them to join. Once everybody joins the game, get ready to play and have a great time together.

And if you plan to play chess, you and your friends need to install the same app and repeat the same process that is discussed above and once your friends join the room, get ready to play.

Chess is one of the best fun games online as it entertains you and helps you in creating strategies and making your mind sharp.


Skribbl has become quite popular amongst youngsters who wish to play fun games online. For playing this game, you don’t need to install any software, just visit skribble.io, create a link and invite your friends to join you in the game.

The gameplay is so simple, one person selects the choice of word given by the game and then he needs to draw an image of that word on the screen. Other players try to guess the word which is associated with the drawing at a given time. The fastest person to guess the word gets the highest score, the score decreases with time, i.e. the second person gets less score than the first.

8 Ball Pool

Do you love to play and enjoy the pool game? If yes, then you’ll definitely love playing 8-ball pool on your mobile phone.

It is an online 3d pool game in which you can play with thousands of online users and your friends. You can participate in tournaments with 8, 16 or 32 players, these players can be online users or your friends. 

The graphics of the game are so smooth that you’ll get the feeling of playing in a real pool. The animation, sounds and colours look so amazing. 

There are a lot of customization options available, you can customise your game table, cue and buy items using coins that you get when you win a challenge.

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Best Friendship Game

If you want to know which one of your friends knows you the most then you can challenge them for a Best Friendship Game. It is one of the best fun games to play online.

You can create your own friendship challenge by visiting the Best Friendship Test gaming site. You just need to enter your name, select a few options of questions and then your challenge link will be created.

Share that link with your friends and ask them to accept the challenge to prove their friendship. One who knows you the most will receive the highest score and you can see their performance on a scoreboard.

Scrabble Go

It is one of the most famous classic word games with some twist. You have an amazing theme-based game with different levels which you have to clear by guessing correct words. The game has an inbuilt dictionary which helps you to learn new words and their meanings.

You can challenge your friends for a match and play to win the game. This game is not only meant for fun and entertainment but it also helps you learn new words.

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