Family Values: Why Are They So Important?

Family Values

Family is the basic institution of society which creates a country. Furthermore, it provides an identity to an individual. From the birth of a child, till he grows older, family plays an important role in his life. However, family values shape his personality, behaviour & conduct.

If we instil good values in their children, they become good and civilised people. On the other hand, if a family lacks good values then there are chances of children becoming uncivilised, hence, evil for society.

In this blog, we discuss what family values are, their importance, and some important aspects of them. 

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Family Values Meaning

You might be thinking, what family values are? Well, they are the good habits, traits or conduct that one generation transfer to the next. These values work as the foundation on which a person’s life dwells. 

Family values are traits like showing care, love, empathy, honesty, truthfulness, kindness, etc. These values are inculcated into a kid since his childhood by his family. These values aid him in becoming a good person in life. 

Traditional Family Values

We have already talked about family values and now we will talk about traditional values that are limited to a family, society, or a particular religion.

If you are a Hindu, you learn traditional values like touching your elder’s feet to seek blessings. Whereas, if you are a Muslim, you pray to god 5 times a day. Such kind of traditional family values are limited to particular families, religions or regions.

There are other traditional family values like eating by hand, putting footwear outside the door, respecting nature, respecting women, speaking the mother tongue, etc. 

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5 Family Values for Everyone

Well, there are some universal true values that every family should pass on to the next generation. These traits make the coming generation a better version of the previous one. hence, contributing to the betterment of society. 

Here are the 5 important family values that every child should have:


Respect is an essential family value. Give respect to the elders, your parents, teacher, army personnel, and all other deserving persons. Teach a child to respect such people at any cost, even if any of them is angry or has caused embarrassment to him, with some exceptions. 

Additionally, boys should respect women and girls. He should equally respect his mother, brother, sister, friend or girlfriend. 


Kindness makes a human different from animals. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to instil kindness in a kid. From childhood, a person should be trained to be kind to the weak, poor, and underprivileged.

It doesn’t matter if a kid is born into a Hindu or a Muslim family, a rich family or a poor family, kindness is a universally required trait and advocated by all. A kind kid would become a better adult who will contribute to the betterment of society, nation and human beings.


Honesty is another trait that everyone should have to make this world a better place. Therefore, instil honesty in your kid. For this, teach him lessons on honesty and give tasks on honesty to complete.

There is a proverb, “Honesty is the best policy” which is universally acceptable. If a person is honest, he would have no fear no matter what! Therefore, for making a kid fearless and truthful, teaching him honesty is a must.


If a human lacks empathy, he is a monster. If a person lacks empathy, he will only be concerned about his own problems as he can’t feel others’ pain.

Empathy is a trait which is a must-have feature in a person to feel what other people are feeling and understand their mood and behaviour. Therefore, during the upbringing of a child, it is necessary to make him understand others’ feelings. 

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In life ups and downs are common. When we are going through a good phase of life, we feel ecstatic and enjoy it. However, when we feel down it becomes tough for us to manage it. Therefore, it becomes crucial to be resilient and recover from anything swiftly.

If a child falls on the ground, ask him to stand up on his own, instead of crying. Teaching him the value of resiliency will make him understand that like ups, downs are also a part of life. It is on us to either recover fast or stick to failure. 


Family values play a great role in our life. It is because of those values we become good human beings and contribute to society. However, if a person lacks good values then he becomes an evil person and chooses the wrong path.

Therefore, it is crucial to inculcate good family values in every kid since childhood.

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