How To Move On From A Relationship

How To Move On From A Relationship

Do you want to know how to move on from a relationship? Breakups can be hard, especially, when the relationship has lasted for years. If you are looking for the best way to get over someone, this blog consists of tips to move on. Additionally, it also mentioned the stages one goes through after a breakup.

Letting go of someone you love isn’t easy. However, if you learn how to get over a breakup, it will help you to move on.

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How to Move On From A Relationship

  • Give Yourself Time

It is important to feel things to get over them. Let’s be honest, getting over a breakup isn’t easy. You miss them frequently, miss the memories. So, the first step and hardest step is to give yourself the time and the space to feel your emotions.

Feeling emotions is important to process your thoughts and feelings. If you allow yourself to feel, you allow yourself to heal.

  • Remind Yourself

You need to remind yourself that you did what was best for you. Whether it was because you were in a toxic relationship, or because you both wanted different things in life. Whatever the reason may be, you need to remind yourself that you made the right decision.

  • Distract Yourself

If you are constantly thinking about your partner and miss them, distract yourself. You can do this by engaging in activities, keeping yourself busy, and meeting friends. However, don’t forget that along with this you need to give yourself the time and space to heal.

  • Be Around Loved Ones

When you are moving on from a breakup, you are going to feel alone at times. You can overcome this by surrounding yourself with people who love and care about you. This will help you remember that you are loved!

  • Listen To Music

Listening to music will help you to calm down. Music has the power to make you feel emotions. Utilise this power for the best, listen to some sad songs and some uplifting songs as well! 

Listening to sad songs could even make you cry but it is a part of healing. Similarly, listening to uplifting music is important because it makes you feel better.

  • Get Closure

Closure is important in order to move on. Especially, when you’ve had a messy breakup, having closure will help you realise why the breakup was needed. It gives you clarity.

  • Write

Writing has proven to help you express your feelings freely. Sharing your write-ups is your decision. However, take a paper and write down whatever you feel. If you feel angry you can even angrily scribble.

  • Exercise

Exercise is a great way to channelise your emotions, especially anger. Also, workout helps relax your muscles, it helps to 

divert your mind.

  • Meet Friends

Avoid staying in all day and being upset. Push yourself, you deserve to have fun. Talking to friends is a great way to keep your mind off things.

  • Have a self-care day

You must take a day off for yourself to do things you like. Read a book, have your go-to food, listen to music, and have a relaxing shower. Do anything and everything that helps to relax you.

The 5 Stages Of Getting Over A Breakup

  • Denial

If you didn’t have a mutual breakup, you will likely fail to accept the breakup. You will still wake up the next morning wanting to text your partner, but will quickly remember not to.

This isn’t an easy phase as it is going to be rough. 

Letting go of someone you love is difficult . However, take your time, and contemplate what happened probably happened for a good reason.

  • Anger

After the denial stage comes anger. You may be angry at your partner, or maybe even at yourself. You’ll be angry at the smallest issues and are more likely to lash out. 

Remember that this is just a phase, you will get out of it. All you need is to be surrounded by people who love and care about you (friends, families, etc).

  • Bargaining

This is the stage where you may calm down, but try to reconcile and connect with your ex. It could be about trying to be in a relationship again or wanting to be friends. However, you need to know that this may not be a good idea.

If you really want to be friends with them again, you need to ensure you both have had enough time to move on. This will help avoid any messy feelings or fights.

  • Depression

You will feel sadness, and it is okay to feel so. It’s not easy to not be in touch with someone you were attached to. It’s okay to feel low, but ensure that you push yourself to feel better.

Do things that make you feel better, don’t isolate yourself at this stage. It will feel difficult to interact with people, but remember that it is important to do so.

  • Acceptance

The final stage is acceptance. Where you have finally accepted the breakup, and have had the time and space you need to move on. 

Acceptance is when you’ll finally begin to feel at peace, and will be okay with the ending of the relationship.

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How Long Does It Take To Move On?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Some people need days, while others need months. However, do not rush the process. Everything happens for a reason, take your time.

Do not jump into another relationship to move on, that is a wrong approach to move on. 

Why Is It Important To Move On From A Relationship

It’s easy to question yourself and your decisions while going through a breakup. However, it is essential to realise that you are moving on for a good reason. There is no point in holding on to something that is not going to benefit you in the long run.

Things happen for a reason, it may seem difficult in the start. However, things do get better, it may not seem like it now. However, it will get better and you will thank yourself.


Breakup is hard, but moving on from a breakup is even harder. Hence you need to know how to move on from a relationship. You need to learn to give yourself time, space and clarity to move on.

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