Fun Activities For Kids (Indoor Easy Craft Activities)

Fun Activities For Kids

Are you looking for fun activities for kids that are simple and engaging at the same time?

It can get difficult to engage a toddler everyday. A lot of parents resort to giving them screen time. However, this should be avoided at all costs!

It’s easier to engage a child than you think, we just complicate it ourselves. Children love small things. They are curious and inquisitive in nature. Hence, we should take advantage of this by teaching them different things in a fun manner.

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This blog covers

  • different creative activities for kids
  • easy craft ideas
  • fun indoor games that are simple, low effort, and do not cost you a lot.

Easy Craft Ideas

Volcano Activity

What is a volcano activity? It is a fun experiment to replicate an volcanic explosion.

If your child has not experienced this yet, then here’s how you can do it with 3 simple steps! Hence, you will need:

  • A transparent glass/jar
  • Vinegar Food Colour (any colour)
  • Baking Soda
  • Spoon

Now to make the volcano:

Step 1: Add some vinegar to the transparent glass. You do not have to fill it to the top, approximately 100 ml is good enough.

Step 2: Add food colouring (this is optional) 

Step 3: A teaspoon of baking soda and add it 

Step 4: Observe the volcano, and how it immediately rises!

This could fascinate your child, and be an engaging activity for them!

Word Hunt

If you wish to encourage your child to learn new words, here is a simple activity that will keep them engaged, and help them learn! 

Things you will need:

  1. Sticky Note
  2. Pen
  3. Paper

Step 1: Take the sticky notes and write down simple words for your kids for example – chair, keys, spoon, book, bottle etc.

Step 2: Hide the sticky notes across the house. For example – if you wrote a chair, then stick it on a chair, etc.

Step 3: Ask your child to search the sticky notes around the house. Once they do, ask them to pronounce the word on the sticky note. 

This helps them move around the room, and be active. Additionally, this promotes learning new words.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is a great way to involve your child! It’s fun and can keep them entertained as well! Moreover, it is a great exercise that you can involve them in.

You will need: 

  1. Paper
  2. Pen
  3. Water Paints
  4. A bowl of water

Step 1: Take a paper. Draw something on it, for example a hot air balloon. (you can also print out drawings if you have a printer.)

Step 2: Paint your child’s thumb in any paint colour of choice, and ask him to press his finger on the sheet. Then, make him repeat it until everything is coloured.

Water Art

You will need: 

1) Napkins 

2) Sketchpens

3) Black marker

4) A small spoon 

5) A little water in a bowl

Yep, just these small supplies that are present in almost every household! 

Step 1: Take the napkin and fold it (such that it opens up like a book)

Step 2: Ask your child to sketch with a black marker (it could be anything like a house outline, or a car or the mountains) on the top of the napkin but ask them to do it carefully so that the tissue does not rip off.

Step 3: Now, unfold the tissue, and you’ll be able to see the outline inside. Colour the inside of the tissue with any colour. Prepare a few different drawings like this.

Step 4: Now, take a spoon and slowly drop a few drops of water on the tissue fold.

You can notice that the colour starts to show at the top of the tissue.  Moreover, this is fun and easy , and they will definitely enjoy it! 


You must be wondering, how can someone do fishing at home? It’s fairly simple, all you need are:

  1. A tub filled with water
  2. Different sized rubber bands
  3. A toothpick/A small stick

All you have to do is:
Put the rubber bands in the tub filled with water, and ask your child to use the stick or toothpick to fish them out.

Kids are imaginative. Hence, for them this is something new and exciting. Tell them that the rubber bands are different fishes and watch them play! It also helps develop motor skills in kids!


Slimes are satisfying to play with and are extremely a good option for kids! Slimes aren’t messy, and can easily be stored. Additionaly, It’s also used by adults as stress relief.

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Fun activities for kids help them grow mentally, and help to strengthen the bond between you and your child. Rather than making your child watch coco melon, try engaging with them in these creative activities as they also promote growth and development.

There were some of the easy craft ideas that you can try out with your children. However, if you are looking for some fun games to play with them, you can try the games mentioned below.

Best Indoor Games

Along with fun activities for kids, there are several games that children enjoy playing! Moreover, these games are a great option if you want to avoid creating a mess. It can be a fun and learning experience for your children. 


This is one of the best indoor games, especially for busy parents. Moreover, all you have to do is start the game by saying the name of a country or a state with the letter ‘A’. 

Then the next person has to say another country/state that starts with the end of the word said by player 1

For example – Player 1 – Afghanistan

Player 2- Nepal

This will not only teach them a little bit of geography, but also improve their thinking abilities.

Although it is always better to be involved with the kids and be attentive to them. However, there are times it is difficult to manage, and this game is perfect for those times!


Twister is a fun game and can be enjoyed by both children as well as adults! It’s easy as well as a fun game to play with your little one during the weekends!

  • Board Games

Board games are fun indoor game options. You can pick our classics such as ludo, snake and ladders etc.

  • Aiming Games

If you are looking for something different from games you play often. Then you will enjoy this fun game that you can play with children!

Take a small plastic cup and place it at a distance, and give them 5 coins. Once everything is set, ask them to flip the coin and aim it into the cup. 

  • Overcoming Obstacles

Take different coloured tapes and create a fun map for your child to cross. The challenge would be to give them difficult paths to cross. So put an ‘X’ using the tape on a path they can’t cross, and watch them figure out new paths!

You can make the game interesting by adding threads as laser beams.

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Children enjoy little things. They look forward to trying new things as their mind is open to explore new things. The blog shares fun games to keep your child engaged, and make them learn things.

These activities can help them grow, and learn new things. It helps children explore different opportunities. Moreover, the games mentioned above are simple and fun.

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